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Self Care

Being kind to ourselves helps us benefit others more!

  • Relax well - with music, bathing, nature, massage, meditation, walks, exercise, writing.
  • Nourish yourself - healthy food, rest, prayer & spiritual input / pastoral guidance, meditation, yoga.
  • Set limits - make priorities, request time out.
  • Be willing to ask for and receive help and support.
  • Try to stay in the moment, let go of the past (gone forever), don't worry about future fantasies.
  • Eliminate expectations and you won't be disappointed!
  • Cultivate a vast perspective, awareness of our own suffering and that of all others.
  • Balance with humour and find joy in appreciating one's own and others' kindnesses.
  • Reinvest the positive energy by dedicating the experience, one's efforts, the results without judgement to the highest welfare of all, as extensive as possible.
"Be wise. Treat yourself, your mind, sympathetically, with loving kindness. If you are gentle with yourself, you will become gentle with others." - Lama Thubten Yeshe



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