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Amitabha's position on Euthanasia

Euthanasia is the deliberate and artificial curtail of a life. It is not turning off the artificial means to extend life. Turning off a machine and allowing a person to die comfortably and naturally is very different from giving an injection that deliberately stops the breath.

As a Buddhist organisation, we are against the principle of Euthanasia. Asking for Euthanasia is a cry for help. We are aware that in some places in NZ, there may be times that pain and other symptoms are not well controlled. We think it's imperative that these are addressed with more better-trained people, more palliative care education for GPs and other medical staff, and more hospice support. Good hospice care gives good physical, mental, and spiritual support. 

But this bill is not about the ethics or concept of Euthanasia. As Hospice NZ says, "Your vote is on this Act specifically. Is this the best possible legislation to keep people safe?"

Please see the concerns that Hospice NZ has about this bill:

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