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Updated: Sep 22

Current Alert Level

The Auckland region is at Alert Level 2, with extra restrictions on social gatherings, funerals and tangihanga. Auckland will move to Alert Level 2 with no extra restrictions at 11:59pm on Wednesday 23 September. 

What you need to know before you visit your client:

  • First check with your patient /client if they feel OK about you visiting them.  

  • If you think you have met someone with flu like symptoms or who might have been exposed to Covid-19 clusters, please DO NOT visit your patient. And don't go anywhere else. Say yes to a test!

  • Don't forget to use the government tracer app. If you haven't downloaded this app, please click this link for more information on the tracer app. - Please use the app everywhere you go. Amitabha has it displayed.

  • If you do not have a smart phone to download the tracer app, keep a notebook and make a note of all your visits and contacts and the places you have been on the day of your visit.  

  • Keep your distance from other people in public. Ecie says avoid public transport, even with a mask on!

  • Wash your hands often or use sanitiser, (that you should carry in your car) before you enter someone's house. Your hands carry the germs from where you have been and what you have done!

  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow. Again, if you have any cold or flu like symptoms DO NOT visit the patient and make sure you take a Covid-19 test. There are many places in Auckland to get tested. Better to be safe than sorry!

  • Wear a covering over your mouth and nose at all times when you are out of your house. This protects you and everyone near you. 

  • As we need to protect our most vulnerable patients, Amitabha Hospice would like you to wear a mask during patient visits. When you eat or drink in the patients house remove your mask by taking the mask off your face by the elastic or tie that goes over your ears. Do NOT remove your mask by touching the part over your mouth and nose! That is the part that is contaminated! How you correctly remove your mask educates the family how to do it correctly.

  • If you are unable to source a face mask please drop by Amitabha Hospice and we will provide you with a mask. Also if you have sewing material that we can use to make masks please drop it off. Our Friday art group is going to make masks for the day-stay group and volunteers, even you!  

  • If you need to take your patient out of their home, make sure they have a mask, as well as yourself. Wash your hands before you help them with their mask. 

  • If you or your patient thinks it's too risky to visit them and they want to wait, please phone them often (once or twice a week). You need to know that they have what they need in terms of food and medicines. And they need to know that you care about them. Isolation is depressing. With the help of a family carer, in their bubble ask if an online method such as skype, zoom etc could be used to communicate with them easily in a fun way!

Hope we all can stay well and happy,

Amitabha Hospice Team

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