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Raising money for Amitabha Hospice is very easy. You can create a personalized fundraising page using any crowd funding platform. This page will allow others to donate directly. You can share this page in emails and on social media. Every little bit helps!
Being Amitabha Hospice volunteering can be incredibly self-satisfactory, but helping us financially to continue our work would be even far more incredible. As time is one of the greatest things that you can give someone, letting people know that you’re doing double duty will let people know that you are incredibly serious about community work – and this will likely lead your friends and family to support your efforts.

Host an event, have a bake sale, or use your artistic talents to fundraise for Amitabha Hospice—the possibilities are endless!

Fundraising ideas links-

Our Previous FUNDRAISING Projects


Help us to build a disabled toilet!

A disabled toilet will make a real difference to many people. Our programs give the family carers time-out to allow them to do other things away from their ill loved ones. A disabled toilet will mean that our patients and volunteers can enjoy easy access to our weekly in-house Day-Stay Programs, counselling.....


Go Tony ! Go Nina ! Go Vanessa

All 3 are joining as a team to compete in the Challenge Vietnam triathlon ( 1.9km swim , 90km bike and 21km run ) on 11 September in Nha Trang. Tony Fernando from New Zealand, who is now a member of a swim squad training 3 times a week to overcome his phobia of deep water, will be swimming. Vanessa Hans from France will be on the bike and Nina Dacanay, from the Phillipines, will be completing the run leg.


Go Tony!!

“Offering his dad bod” for Amitabha Hospice by swimming across Auckland Harbour!

Tony has this outrageous dream of crossing Auckland Harbour by water, with no boat. He has watched people swimming across the harbour as an annual event and thought he would never do that: he was never good at swimming. 2 years ago he couldn't even make 1 length of the pool. Plus he has a phobia of the deep water. Doing the harbour swim was just an elusive fantasy.

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