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Medicine Buddha Sutra
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Chenrezig Meditation
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White Tara Meditation

OM AH HUM Meditation
by Lama Thubten Yeshe


Purification of body

Place your hands in whatever position is comfortable for you and close your eyes. Visualise a white OM at the centre of your brain, a red AH at your throat and a blue HUM at your heart. These letters are made of radiant light. If you can’t visualise these letters in Tibetan or Sanskrit, you can visualise them in English or any other language.

Concentrate on the white OM in your brain. Recognise that this white OM is the pure energy of the divine body of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Make the sound “OM” and visualise that radiant white light emanates from the syllable, goes down your central psychic channel and fills your whole body with blissful, radiant white light energy. All conceptions and impure energy of body are cleansed and purified.

Powa Meditation for the Time of Death

It is important to visualise that your entire body, from head to toe, is completely full of blissful, radiant white light energy. Feel that. Continue making the sound “OM” for two or three minutes while you are meditating and purifying your body. When you stop making the sound, don’t do or think anything.

Remain perfectly still, fully aware, unconcerned with good or bad, not reacting, free of any internal conversation, with all your attention on the light consciousness at the centre of your brain. Be there. Be intensely aware and let go, without sluggishness, without distraction, without expectation.

Intensive awareness leads to the experience of zero, or egolessness; emptiness; nothing. Comprehend this intense awareness and let go.

Purification of speech

Concentrate on the red AH at your throat chakra, like the sun at sunset. Recognise that this red AH is the pure speech of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Make the sound “AH” for two or three minutes and visualise that radiant red light emanates from the syllable, goes down your central psychic channel and fills your whole body with blissful, radiant red light energy. All conceptions and impure energy of speech are cleansed and purified.

Again, when you finish the recitation, just be, without any expectation or interpretation, in a state of intense awareness of your own consciousness.

Understand your experience of the non-dual, of the non-self-existent I, of nothingness, zero, empty space as truth; as reality. This increases your energy for strong comprehension of reality. This experience is much more real than your waking, fantasy sense world.

When uncontrolled, distracting thoughts come during meditation, realise that not only you but also all other sentient beings are in the same situation of not being able to control the mind. On this basis, cultivate equilibrium and loving-kindness for all others. Thus, your uncontrolled, distracted mind becomes a resource for the development of loving-kindness. When it arises, direct that intense awareness of loving kindness towards your consciousness.

Hence, there are two ways you can meditate here. Either place intense awareness on your own consciousness or, when distractions arise, direct intense awareness of loving kindness on your own consciousness. Alternate these two.

Then, your loving kindness manifests in your central channel at your heart as a full moon disk.

Purification of mind

At your heart, on the moon disk, stands a radiant blue HUM. Recognise that this blue HUM is the non-dual wisdom of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Your heart is pure, cool and calm, opened by the radiant light of the moon and the HUM. Infinite blue light radiates from the HUM. All narrow thoughts disappear; all indecisive minds disappear; all obsessed minds disappear.

The radiant blue light from the moon and the HUM fills your whole body. Your whole body feels blissful. Filled with light, there is no room for fanatical, dualistic concepts. At the same time, make the sound “HUM” for two or three minutes. Then feel infinite blue light, like your consciousness, embrace the entire universal reality. Your intensive awareness embraces all of universal reality. Feel and be, without expectation or superstition.


There are two essential experiences that we can achieve through this meditation: wisdom and method. The wisdom experience is intensive awareness of your own consciousness. The method experience comes when you get distracted and use that lack of control as a resource to re-generate loving-kindness. Then, when you are again free of distraction, remain in the experience of wisdom. In summary, when your concentration is good, place your attention on wisdom; when you are distracted, generate loving kindness.

Recitation of the OM AH HUM mantra is very useful. Since you are often too busy to recite long mantras, you can recite this short one, which represents all other mantras. In particular, when you say “OM,” intensive awareness is energised and your consciousness awakens within you.

The purpose of meditation is to awaken us from the deep sleep of ignorance-to awaken us to universal reality, not to our usual fanatic reality. Mantra touches a wider reality; that’s why it’s useful.

White Light Healing Meditation by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Begin with the motivation. What is the purpose of my life? The purpose of my life is not just to solve my own problems and find happiness only for myself. The purpose of my life is to free everyone who is suffering from all problems and their causes and to bring them happiness, especially the ultimate, everlasting happiness of full enlightenment. To offer this extensive service to all other living beings, I need to develop wisdom and compassion for all beings. Therefore, I need to be healthy and to have a long life. It is for this reason that I am going to do this white light healing meditation.

Relax in whatever position you feel physically comfortable. If you need to, you can even lie down. The most important point is not your physical posture but that your mind should be meditating.

First breathe in slowly, then breath out slowly. As you breathe out, visualize that all your present and future disease and all the causes of problems – your negative actions and thoughts and their imprints on your mind – come out through your nostrils in the form of black smoke, just like from a factory chimney. All your disease, negative thoughts and actions, and their imprints come out in the form of black smoke, which completely disappears far beyond this earth. Feel that you have become healthy both physically and mentally.

As you breathe in, visualize light coming like sunbeams from a stupa, which symbolizes the pure holy mind of a Buddha. Think that the omniscient mind of a fully enlightened being has taken form as the stupa. (Or you may use your own spiritual source like the ../images of Christ.)

Strong white light emitted from the stupa goes straight into your heart and completely illuminates your body. Think that all your disease, negative thoughts and actions, and their imprints are instantly purified. Think especially that any disease you have is gone. Your whole body becomes in the nature of white light. You have no suffering at all. Feel much joy. From the top of your head down to your toes, your whole body is filled with bliss.

Think also that your life has been prolonged and that your positive energy, the cause of happiness and success, has been increased. Wisdom, compassion, and the understanding and realizations of the path to enlightenment are fully developed within you.

Again do the meditation of purifying yourself and then receiving light from the stupa. Breathe out and purify; breathe in, receive healing white light, and free yourself from all problems and their causes. Your body becomes filled with light and bliss. Repeat this meditation over and over again.

Complete with dedication. Now sincerely dedicate to the happiness of all living beings the positive energy you have created by doing this meditation.

“May all those with sicknesses in the universe, world, country, area where I am immediately be cured. May those who are suffering from poverty be able to have wealth. May those who have relationship problems find much peace, happiness, loving kindness and compassion. May those who are blind be able to see. May those who are lame be able to walk. May those who want to find a spiritual teacher immediately be able to find a perfectly qualified teacher. May those who need teachings immediately be able to receive teachings. May those who want to do retreat be able to get the time and all the necessary conditions to do so. May those who have much difficulty in their lives because of depression, without the delay of even a second, be healed, and may their hearts be filled with joy and peace. May those who are dying and are terrified of death immediately find peace of mind. May everyone’s wishes for happiness be achieved in accordance with the Dharma.”

From ‘ULTIMATE HEALING -The Power of Compassion’ by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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