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What we offer

Amitabha Hospice seeks to exemplify the World Health Organization’s definition of Hospice / palliative care: “an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness….”

We provide free, regular, dependable, practical assistance and companionship to those of any age with life-limiting illness or progressively debilitating physical conditions. Our specially trained and carefully supervised Support Companions offer comprehensive support for the physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs of the individual and their families.

By bringing compassionate care into the individual’s home, Amitabha Support Companions provide people with a choice. With our reliable support which allows people to stay in their own home, we aim to help improve the quality of peoples’ remaining life. Many other hospices in the Auckland area call on Amitabha Hospice to help their patients at home because Amitabha Volunteers are consistantly reliable, safe and skilled in practical hands-on comfort cares.

  • Free in-home confidential, practical help with normal activities of every day life and companionship, Auckland wide.

  • Specially trained and supervised volunteers offer individuals and families support and respite on a regular basis as needed.

  • Multicultural and multilingual staff and volunteers for the most appropriate assistance.

  • Liaison and cooperation with members of the medical and nursing professions and with other involved individuals and support organisations.

  • Grief counseling and support including bereavement follow-up.

  • Spiritual support for people of all faiths or no religion by our Peaceful Passing Companions

  • Provision of meditation, Reiki, Music and Art therapies as requested and provided in our Cuppa and Company on Tuesday mornings.

  • Classes on stress management and meditation for carers and patients.

  • A resource for education on Buddhist philosophy and practices for death and after death care when requested.

  • Cuppa and Company on Tuesday mornings at Amitabha Hospice, when patients enjoy the camaraderie of games, music, laughter yoga, conversation and morning tea.

  • Art Therapy and morning tea on Friday mornings at Amitabha Hospice.

How Do We Help

Our Support Companions offer free assistance by being:

– Able to give practical help where appropriate, like shopping, making light meals, reading, teach relaxation meditation techniques. But not house cleaning or personal bathing.

– A reliever for the usual caregiver or family member, to enable them to have ‘time out’ to rest, work, do errands or just take a break.

– An extra pair of hands to assist the primary caregiver or family member with comfort cares,
and basic activities of daily living.

– A companion and caring supporter for the elderly, those sick and those dying throughout Auckland.

– An interested friend with listening skills, enabling individuals to express their concerns and feelings and find their own meaning.

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