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Made with love for love, truly sensual, 100% Pure Botanical extracts, "clinically proven" by many happy clients!


Enhance romance with this beautiful, evocative, sensuous, organic blend of pure Essential Oils in a base of Jojoba, sourced from reputable distillers worldwide.


Hand crafted in small batches in New Zealand by Annie Prince    



    Jojoba OilSimmondsia sinensis; a liquid wax produced from the Jojoba bean, similar to human sebum. Moisturising, emollient, chemically very stable with a long shelf life.

    Essential oils:

    PatchouliPogostemon cablin; scent of the Orient. Complex,beautiful, earthy, longlasting, with a history of use in temples and perfumes. Deeply hydrating; supports toned skin. Said to be a tissue regenerator with strong astringent, cicatrisant properties. Has a bracing action on the Central Nervous System which may explain its association with increased libido.

    Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata; often credited with harmonising, sedative qualities, it is widely used to combat stress, anxiety and tachycardia. Long considered to be an aphrodisiac, its intense floral euphoric scent was used to perfume the bedlinen of newlyweds in Indonesian culture. Has a balancing action on sebum.

    SandalwoodSantalum spicatum; highly valued for its aromatic heartwood, this ancient exotic oil is used to create a peaceful atmosphere and enhance communication. Helps maintain skin health through its cooling anti-inflammatory properties.

    Rose, Rosa Damascena; with over 400 chemical components Rose oil works as a tonic on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. According to Marguerite Maury it has “an astonishing effect on the Female Reproductive System, purifying, balancing”. Its exquisite scent is instantly uplifting. Long associated with love, it is the supreme oil of the heart chakra, a gentle aphrodisiac and ultra feminine. Taking approximately 50 roses to produce one drop, it is highly prized and one of the most expensive essential oils. A superb skin tonic.

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Suitable for men and women. To be used with love, for love. 

    SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Not suitable for pregnant women. Keep out of the reach of young children. Any adverse reaction or sensitivity, discontinue use and seek advice from a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. This product is not intended as a treatment for any disease or as a replacement for medications.

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